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Real Estate Lawyer Surrey - The Real Estate Development lawyers at our firm can assist our clients on issues related to major commercial real estate development projects. We have played a major part in negotiating complex joint venture, partnership and co-ownership structures. We are here to assist throughout the whole development procedure. We assist clients with take-over financing, development approvals, final contract negotiation and environmental compliance advice.

We act for chartered banks, pension fund and credit unions, along with many of the largest insurance lenders in transactions involving real properties. Our firm's areas of emphasis are commercial real estate transactions and project financing. We have accumulated extensive knowledge through our involvement in some of the biggest commercial real estate transactions and financing arrangements in the nation. Ownership structures such as joint ventures, limited partnerships, syndications and corporations fall in our field of skill. We are well versed in financing instruments, including mortgages, leasehold financing, mortgage bonds as well as different secured financing arrangements.

We provide recommendation and lots of services to developers and investors of multi-unit residential and commercial properties, consisting of shopping centres, residential, industrial and commercial projects. Our clients comprise individual owners and investors, public and private companies, pension funds, trusts, foundations and life insurance companies.

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Surrey encompasses land occupied by many Halqemeylem-speaking aboriginal groups. Settlers arrived first in Cloverdale and different parts of South Surrey first, and nearly all of their activities were harvesting oysters, fishing, farming, or setting up small stores.

There is a 42-seat orientation theatre and state-of-the-art exhibit at the Surrey Museum, where visitors could listen in on Surrey's stories. There is a textile library, a weaving studio and different exhibition themes. There is likewise an art gallery and live theatre performances at the Surrey Arts Centre. Concerts and several plays are performed at the Art Centre. Historical Stewart Farm showcases a restored farmhouse, root cellars, pole bars on the shores of the Nicomekl River and heirloom gardens...