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Top Criminal Lawyers in Surrey - Our firm has extensive skill in class actions, representing both the plaintiff class and defendant. On major class actions that have been brought in the U.S. and Canada, we have acted as coverage counsel. This depth and breadth of skill in class actions gives our firm a well-rounded view of all sides of a class action.

Followed the voluntary breast implants recall in the year 1993, our company was heavily involved in the resulting litigation as class action lawsuits were commenced against the different breast implant makers. This was a time when class actions legislation was newly evolving. Ever since then we have been involved in lots of product liability class actions. We represented defendants in actions initiated versus the Federal Government concerning temporomandibular joint implants, actions commenced versus the manufacturer of the Hepatitis B vaccine, and actions initiated versus the Federal Government concerning silicone gel breast implants.

The various class actions claims include a broad range of problems, like for instance investment advice, product liability, environmental contamination, travel claims, medical treatment, property insurance and car insurance. We have likewise represented defendants in connection with class actions commenced following major aviation and other transportation disasters.

Our Coverage Counsel Group's expertise encompasses behind-the-scenes involvement with excess, reinsurer and primary entities about liabilities faced by major commercial entities and their executives in class action litigation. This comprises cross-border, local and national litigation. Our group advises and offers monitoring counsel assistance for insurance interests within different cross-border class actions.

Our class action litigators have a history of experience before different courts, consisting of Courts of Appeal, Federal Courts, and in Leave applications to the Supreme Court.

In class action cases, our Class Action Group will navigate through all the stages of the dispute. We help you understand the stresses that whichever class action lawsuit could place on either the plaintiff class or the defendant. Defendants in these types of cases can be pressured by time and money. We have methods to lessen disturbance, and to move the matter to successful resolution in as efficient and timely a manner as possible. Our first strategy representing defendants is to try to limit the action or have it dismissed completely at the pre-certification stage. We have a track record of accomplishing this for our clients, which means that our clients are let out of actions without ever having to participate in a certification hearing. Our aim is to resolve the litigation and prevent the need for a class action trial. We have been successful at negotiating favorable class action settlements for a lot of our defendant clients. This frees them from future claims of unknown class members and gives them peace of mind.

For the plaintiff class clientele, our initial step is to properly limit the class while drafting the claim in such a manner as to make sure that the action is certified early on in the process. Our knowledge enables us to determine whether large losses or class action procedures are most suitable and to acquire the very best result in either case.

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Surrey encompasses land occupied by many Halqemeylem-speaking aboriginal groups. Settlers arrived first in Cloverdale and different parts of South Surrey first, and nearly all of their activities were harvesting oysters, fishing, farming, or setting up small stores.

There is a 42-seat orientation theatre and state-of-the-art exhibit at the Surrey Museum, where visitors could listen in on Surrey's stories. There is a textile library, a weaving studio and different exhibition themes. There is likewise an art gallery and live theatre performances at the Surrey Arts Centre. Concerts and several plays are performed at the Art Centre. Historical Stewart Farm showcases a restored farmhouse, root cellars, pole bars on the shores of the Nicomekl River and heirloom gardens...